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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Just got back from a quick shoot in the woods! It was such fun.

Wise words, have a read. Live your life. Be receptive to the world around you. Take everything you hear with deliberate consideration, and don’t discount the seemingly foolish until you know for yourself. Smile. Cry. Hold nothing back. Stand up for yourself. Stand up for those around you. Root for the underdog. Love without condition. Love with deliberation. Tough Love. Intimate Love. Listen intently. Speak your mind. Step on someone’s toes. Hold someone’s hand. Love with your words. Love with your actions. Love without doing either. Don’t be afraid to take a chance, whether it’s saying something nobody else will, or finally keeping your mouth shut. Laugh. Make fun of your friends. Don’t take everything so seriously. Don’t forget how, though. Don’t think less of yourself. Think of yourself less. Know your place. Expound upon it. Grow. Evolve. Welcome change. Adapt. Resolve. Find out where you belong. Leave that place. Find a new place you belong. Miss the old place. Go back. Do it all over again. Never stop moving. Move forward. Move backwards. Move sideways. Move in circles. Reject contentment. Live life with an insatiable thirst for the unknown. Never stop learning. Never stop trying. Never stop living. Assume nothing. Expect anything. Question everything.

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